Sexual encounter chatline

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Sexual encounter chatline

America tried to answer the question, which was better: leaders appointed by oligarchs or simpletons. Remember the time before we had to see or hear about this cartoonish oaf every single day? He was too much when he [Read More...]Why I Am Proud to Be an American During Trump’s Inauguration Today, I am very proud of my country. No one was more anti-Trump than me during the election season.Yet, as I sit and watch the inauguration, I am in awe of our tradition of a smooth transition of power.Our [Read More...]Embed from Getty Images A decade ago a paper titled ‘God is Watching You’ by Shariff & Norenzayan (2007) received a lot of attention after it reported an experimental study showing that people subconsciously primed with religious concepts, regardless of their stated level of religiosity, behaved more generously.

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