Spanish dating cultures different from american

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Spanish dating cultures different from american

American men will rush to get you in bed as quick as possible, while European men don’t appear to have the same rush (or desperation). European men don’t ‘date’ – in the formal way that Americans are used to.

The types of dates seen in movies – the formal ask, the fancy dinner and the entire dance that ensues simply doesn’t exist in the European mindset, in fact, the word “dating” isn’t even a part of their lexicon. Unlike American culture, where there’s almost a rite of passage which takes two people from “hooking up” to “seeing each other” to “dating” to “exclusive”, these labels just aren’t a focus or concern for European men. Rather, the mentality is, “I like you, I want to see you, and if it’s enjoyable, let’s keep seeing each other”.

We were pretty much inseparable since that first “date” and nearly two years later we were married—twice!

Haha, I too wish to get married twice to the same guy.

I never thought that the cultural background of a dating prospect would make much of a difference when it came to relationships.

However, since living in New York, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many different people from various backgrounds and it’s become clear that there are definite cultural norms specific to European men versus American men (especially New Yorkers).

Since moving here I’ve been teaching English while working on my blog and websites, and I am currently launching a foodtour company here in Madrid combing my passions of food, wine and cultural history!

How did you meet your significant other and how long have you been together?

Perhaps this has to do with their upbringing, where it’s very normal for boys and girls to play and intermingle together.As you well know, I’m kind of busy right now, what with wedding planning, getting further into shape, and trying to take advantage of the Spanish summertime.Thus, I’d like to continue my series of Americans dating Spaniards with Lauren, from Spanish Sabores. My name is Lauren Aloise and I am a 25 year old expat living in Madrid.Here are some Hispanic traits that determine the cultural differences which exist between Hispanics and Americans (ie, the US general market), with an important clarification.In general, these traits are more obvious the closer – generationally – the Hispanic living in the United States is to the Latin American who originally crossed the border.

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No, perhaps “disgusted” is a more apt description of the look on the face of the billboard-ad-attractive, Spanish man I will name Señor Guapo (Mr. I had just arrived in Málaga, Spain, two years after my first visit to the country, and when it came to meeting men, I did not intend to waste any time.